Beryl Burner Brake Rear Light


Rear lights that act in the same manner as car brake lights are not newconcept , but given the mixed reviews of previous lights, once we heard that Beryl were making one we were intrigued. Beryl’s first product was the Laserlight, and since then they have been busy developing new lights and working with bike share providers across the world including a collaborative effort to make the new Santander Cycles (with integrated Laserlight). With this mix of real world, everyday cycling and precision light design, we knew the Burner Brake was going to be a winner.

In order to brighten up when you slow down, the Beryl Burner Brake light uses an accelerometer paired with a bespoke computer algorithm. This algorithm is just as important the the hardware that it powers - without it, you’ll be flashing with every pothole. The brake light comes on automatically, so you only need to power on your light as you set off.

As well as being a brake light, the Beryl Burner also works as a bright rear light with five modes - bright steady, medium steady, day flash, chase and hadron (the last two are better seen than described). The Burner Brake fits using a silicon band (that also fits aero seat posts) and is recharged via micro usb.



  • Rear bike light that also functions as a brake light
  • Brake light comes on automatically as you slow down
  • Housing is a made of a grey polymer
  • Mounts using a silicone strap/li>
  • 5 modes: bright steady, medium steady, day flash, chase and hadron
  • From 3 hours up to 17 hours of battery life
  • Dimensions: Length: 85 mm, Width: 24 mm, Height: 30 mm
  • Fits standard and aero seatposts
  • Weight: 55g (with bracket)


  • Automatic brake light informs other road users when you’re slowing down
  • Charges quickly - 30 mins for 50% and 1hr30 for 100%
  • Waterproof - tested up to IP66