Beryl Burner Front Light


Beryl’s first product was the Laserlight, and since then they have been busy developing new lights and working with bike-share providers across the world including a collaborative effort to make the new Santander Cycles (with integrated Laserlight). With this mix of real-world, everyday cycling and precision light design, we knew the Burner front light was going to be a winner.

The Beryl Burner works nicely as a bright front light with six modes - bright steady, normal steady, sweep, beating, chase and sides (the last two are better seen than described). The maximum output in bright steady mode is 180 lumens. In that setting, the light has a stated five hour run time. The Burner Front Light features a mount that can be angled to achieve the right beam position on the road ahead.



  • Front light for riding in towns and cities
  • Housing is made of an aircraft-grade aluminium
  • Mount has angle adjustment
  • 6 modes: Bright steady, normal steady, sweep, beating, chase and sides
  • From 5 hours up to 65 hours of battery life
  • Dimensions: Length: 88.26mm, Width: 26.76mm, Height: 36.28mm
  • Weight: 100g (with bracket)


  • Battery power save mode runs the light at 85% depletion for five hours
  • Charges quickly - 1 hour for 50% and 4 hours for 100%
  • Waterproof - tested up to IP66