Beryl Laserlight Core Front Light

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Bike lights - you might think they’re a dull necessity. The last big innovation in the world of lighting was widespread adoption of LEDs and lithium ion batteries in lights. They trusty light bulb can now enjoy its life just on the end of excessively long cables, hanging from ceilings in hip establishments.

Despite the quietness on the mainstream light front, Beryl (formerly Blaze) created the Laserlight back in 2012 which projected a bike image in the space you were moving into. This helps other road users understand clearly where you are about to be. Beryl knew the quality of their laser projection technology and worked it into the Laserlight Core.

The Beryl Laserlight Core uses the same laser technology as the original Laserlight. There is a new 400 lumen LED in the front which clearly illuminates the road in front you (even without street lamps) and the casing is made out a sleek and modern grey polymer. The Laserlight Core is waterproof (rated to the IP55 standard) and the battery lasts from 1.5 to 41 hours.

Beryl updated the mount to make use of a silicone strap so you can swap it between bikes with ease and you can charge the Laserlight Core using a standard micro usb cable - no proprietary leads in sight. With these steady refinements and updates, this Laserlight Core is an ideal companion for riding the city streets at night.



  • Front bike light with a 400 lumen LED
  • Laser projects a bike icon onto the ground in front of you
  • Housing is a made of a grey polymer
  • Mounts using a silicone strap/li>
  • Laser can be on constant or flashing
  • 4 LED modes: 300 lumens solid, 150 lumens solid, 400 lumens day flash and 300 lumens pulse
  • Energy-saving mode gives 4 hours extra runtime when the battery is nearly depleted
  • Coloured lights show the battery level
  • Dimensions: Length: 106 mm, Width: 33 mm, Height: 49 mm
  • Fits standard handlebar diameters
  • Weight: 100g (with bracket)


  • Laser projected bike logo keeps you visible to other road users
  • Direct diode green laser is built to withstand vibrations
  • Waterproof - tested up to IP55
  • Laser beam is fully tested and certified so it’s not harmful even if it catches the eye