Brompton Toolkit


Getting around fast, that's what Brompton's are great for, but as with all bikes, sometimes a mechanical or puncture can put a stop to your fun (or business). Brompton's own toolkit is a neat bit of kit that slides inside the front frame tube - there when you need it, out of the way the rest of the time. The tools enclosed are designed to cover typical needs, from road-side tuneups or quick cable tighten, to a puncture and maybe a separate problem that could use a screwdriver or hex bit. 



  • Weight (approx.): 180 grams
  • Fits inside the front frame tube in a neat, enclosed package.
  • Note that the Toolkit is not compatible with bikes built prior to 2004, as these have a shorter wheelbase than current bikes.


  • Full tool list as follows...
  • Tyre levers with 8mm and 10mm spanners 15mm spanner with ratchet driver
  • Pozi and flat screwdriver bit
  • 2.5mm and 5mm hex bit
  • 3mm and 4mm hex bit
  • 2mm and 6mm hex bit
  • Puncture repair patches
  • Sandpaper