Lezyne Femto Drive Front Light - Black

Ultra-compact safety light with integrated lens On/Off switch.


Lezyne’s Femto Drive range of lights are a regular site on all sorts of bikes across a variety of disciplines, for good reason. They are reliable, easy to fit and surprisingly bright considering their size. A simple rubber band handles fitting and they are powered by two CR2032 coin batteries. Given the Femto Drive’s modest 15 lumen output, it is best suited to street lit urban areas.

Whilst USB (and mains) rechargeable lights are the mainstay for commuting visibility at the moment, battery powered lights do have one trick up their sleeve. Replaceable batteries discharge at a much slower rate than USB rechargeable ones. So if you regularly commute and want a backup set of lights in case of a problem, the Lezyne Femto Drive is an ideal choice.



  • Front light
  • Powered by a pair of CR2032 coin batteries
  • 15 lumen output
  • Fits via a rubber band


  • Power on and off by pressing in the lens


  • Wipe clean
  • Replace the batteries when necessary
  • Probably best to remove this before you hose your bike down