Lezyne Hecto Drive 500XL / Strip Drive Light Set


This Lezyne light set is a good choice for riding in town - more than a 'to be seen' set, but not quite a 'to see' pairing.

The front light is a Lezyne Hecto Drive 500XL - USB rechargeable (without a cable), the light comes in Lezyne's synonymous machined aluminium body. Cutouts help cool the light when it's pumping out the lumens, speaking of which there are eight output modes to choose from. In the maximum 'Blast' setting, you're looking at a run time of an hour and at its lowest setting, a competitive 20 hours.

Moving to the rear bike light in this set, the Strip Drive. Again, like its front companion, it's USB rechargeable. An eyewatering eleven different modes mean there's bound to be a setting that you prefer when riding. This Lezyne rear bike light also includes two 'Dayflash' settings, designed to draw other road users' attention during daylight hours. The maximum run time is a staggering 57 hours when using the lowest flash setting.



  • Punchy bike light set for surfing around town
  • Various modes to cater for day, dusk or night
  • Both lights are rechargeable - the front plugs directly into a USB, rather than using a cable


  • Hecto Drive 500XL weighs 84g
  • Strip Drive weighs 53g
  • Hecto Drive 500XL recharges in 2 and half hours
  • Strip Drive recharges in 2 hours