Lezyne Micro Drive 600XL / Strip Drive Light Set


This Lezyne pairing is a set of bicycle lights that'll happily traverse the difficult transition between town and country, day or night. The front light pumps out a bright 600 lumens in its maximum setting, a decent enough figure for riding on some unlit lanes. There are 8 other modes (9 in total) making it super versatile, day or night.

The rear light is Lezyne's popular Strip drive rear light. Charged by a micro USB cable, the light has a lense to push the LED beam out in a 270-degree arc. 11 modes, including 8 different flashing settings. 



  • USB rechargeable Lezyne light set
  • Good enough for a quick dart down an unlit country lane
  • Most suited to riding on semi-lit roads in town


  • Front weighs 97g, the rear 53g
  • The front light is charged by plugging directly into a USB slot - no need for a cable