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Portland Design Works Owl Bottle Cage

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Following on from the success of the beautiful PDW Bird Cage Bottle Cage, we now have another treat for all you bird fans out there: the Owl Cage has now landed at Always Riding HQ! Give this sightly screecher a home on your steed and we can guarantee that this handsome H2O holder will serve you well.

Made from lightweight 5052 alloy, the Owl Cage is capable of carrying either a 500ml or a 750ml bottle. Its firm grip will keep your beverage receptacle of choice in place nicely (whatever the road surface). The Owl Cage is sturdy but surprisingly light at 67g. A perfect choice if you want to stand out from the crowd.



  • Made from lightweight 5052 alloy
  • Weight: 67g (2.3oz)
  • Includes two stainless bolts


  • It’s an owl!
  • Fits 500ml or 750ml bottle


  • No feeding necessary, maybe a gentle clean after a wet ride