Portland Design Works

Portland Design Works Wotter Bottle


A bidon with Otters on it, the good folk at PDW were only going to call it one thing - The Wottle Bottle. This is a 26oz (roughly 750ml) bottle with a fast-flowing MoFlo cap. BPA free, the bottle features a design by artist, Valerie Valdivia. Buy one, but you'll be wanted an accompanying Otter Cage to go with it.



  • Another animal themed bidon from the Portland Design Works
  • MoFlo cap is great to drink from
  • Goes nicely with the accompanying bottle cage


  • Fun Otter Fact 1: Some Otters can hold their breath under water for 3 minutes
  • Fun Otter Fact 2: Sea Otters eat 25% of their own bodyweight everyday, the greedy things
  • Fun Otter Fact 3: A group of Otters on land are known as a 'romp'


  • A sterilising tablet wouldn't go amiss now and again