Porcelain Rocket gear is now being made by Rockgeist. You can get the full lowdown on this article on Bikepacking. Right now, the only place you can buy PR gear is direct through Rockgeist and you can find them here.

The kings of custom, special editions and one-off designs (have you seen the Bushmaster Cowhide Frame Bags or shiny silver XPAC!!), Porcelain Rocket have developed a reputation for appearing on ‘that custom bike’ and being the go to for serious trans-American adventures. With this rare mix of ultra durability, practicality and style, Porcelain Rocket’s stock Frame Bags, Seat Packs and Handlebar Rolls are just as handmade as the special editions. So who is behind these remarkable bags?

Scott Felter, born in New Orleans went from Road Racing in local crits, to MTB riding in northern Mississippi and hasn't looked back. Having ridden across much of the US, developing the idea for Porcelain Rocket en route, Porcelain Rocket are now based in Calgary, Alberta. With vast experience in lightweight MTB bikepacking, Scott developed his fabric know how and learned that when crossing great swathes of the US, a robust construction is a must. Bikepacking has also garnered the attention of the roadie and commuter who've added a frame bag or saddle holster to their set up for long rides or day to day storage. This broad group of riders that Bikepacking brings together has led to tie-ups between Porcelain Rocket, The Radavist, Hunter Bikes, Inside Line Equipment and Moots to name a few.

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