Ritchey Bikes often summon images of Klunkers style frames, bullmoose bars and sketchy foot down skids associated with the early days of Mtb. Since those days of welding together his own Race Bikes, Tom Ritchey now oversees a brand renowned for reliability, functionality and a loyal following that has flown in the face of gimmicks or trends in cycling.

Ritchey frames, bikes and components are now highly respected by road, cross, gravel and mountain bikers alike whether it be for their ride feel or classic looks and branding. The see-it-to-believe-it Breakaway system has also garnered a cult following for regular flyers who take the bike with them wherever they go.

The company retains Tom’s hand on ethos stating their belief that state of the art engineering is only relevant when it delivers real benefit. The Ritchey Logic range, whether it be bikes, frames or components describes a sophisticated yet sensible approach to manufacture prioritizing skilful manufacture over space age technology.

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