Carradice bag supports (or saddlebag fixing systems as they’re more officially known) reduce saddlebag swing and providing additional support for your saddlebag. Some options also provide a more versatile fixing system than the traditional leather straps solution, which is ideal if you don’t already have saddlebag loops on your saddle.

Choosing from the various bag support systems can be a little overwhelming, so we’ve summarised the key features of each to get you started.


The classic saddlebag rack will work with all sizes of Carradice saddlebag. It is designed to come off with the bag when the bag is removed and is quick to attach and detach. It attaches via saddle loops so if your saddle does not have these you will also need Cyclo Loops or a saddlebag clamp to use it.


The Bagman support fits to the saddle rails and is designed to stay on the bike permanently. A quick release version (the QR) allows for the saddlebag to be quickly attached and detached from the support, whilst the original version utilises the leather straps which come with the saddlebag, and so is much more suitable if you plan to leave the saddlebag and support on the bike permanently. Bagman supports are available in two sizes: the Sport version is for smaller Carradice saddlebags such as the Super C Audax and the CarraDry saddlebag, whilst the Expedition version is for larger saddlebags such as the Super C.


The SQR seatpost quick release system attaches the saddlebag directly to the seatpost rather than the saddle. The SQR ‘rack’ stays attached to the saddlebag when it is removed from the bike whilst the clamp remains on the seatpost. It is incredibly quick to attach and remove the bag from the bike with this system. The SQR system fits all sizes of Carradice saddlebags.

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