Wool isn’t necessarily the first material you think of when you think about technical cycle clothing, but Merino wool is like a wonder fabric for cycling (as well as for other outdoor activities) - those Merino sheep know a thing or two about keeping comfortable in all kinds of weather!

Merino wool has great insulating and thermo-regulating properties, helping to keep you at a comfortable temperature in both hot and cold conditions. It will help you keep warm even when wet, and it also breathes and wicks moisture well. Because Merino wool is very fine, it is comfortable against the skin and won’t feel itchy like some other types of wool. This makes it ideal for base layers, arm warmers and other items you might wear against the skin. It is also naturally anti-bacterial and stays fresh for longer compared with synthetic materials.

Merino is suitable for use in both summer and winter (depending on the weight of the item), and is used in various types of cycling apparel, from slim fitting road jerseys to casual tops for city riding. Merino wool can be used on its own or blended with other materials, check out our full range of Merino wool cycle clothing here.

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