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Brooks B17 Special Saddle

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Chances are, if someone tells you they have a Brooks saddle, it will be the B17. Featured as far back as the 1898 Brooks catalogue, the B17 was designed as a long haul touring or bike-packing option.

The B17 Special takes the same shape as the B17 but features copper plated steel rails and copper rivets that have been hand hammered into place. This literal hands on approach ensures all Brooks saddles are, to an extent, unique and will become more and more comfortable over time - as long as they are well ridden and well looked after.



  • Length: 275mm
  • Width: 175mm
  • Height:65mm
  • Weight: 540g


  • The Brooks England flagship saddle
  • Hand hammered copper rivets
  • Copper plated steel rails and saddle bag loops
  • Made in England


  • Ride on your new B17 special frequently to break it in
  • Check leather tension every six months and adjust tension as required using the spanner provided with the saddle
  • Apply Proofide to the saddle upper every six months to prevent it drying out