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Brooks Cambium C17 Whatever The Road Saddle

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We liken the C17 saddle to an excellent cheese sandwich - do bear with us here. An unheralded sandwich is the cheese butty. Potentially drab, downcast and unloved - on the other hand, when done right, exciting, fizzing with flavour and cherished by many. The humble bicycle saddle can also be just that. Boring and humdrum but still gets the job done, or like in the case of this limited edition C17, a tasty looking thing that does its job exceptionally well.

The C17 is well-known for its out of the box comfort. This has been achieved through the rubber’s natural flexibility, absorption of vibration and shock resistance. The canvas exterior of the Cambium has also been treated with Brooks' Numac to weatherproof the saddle. Stainless steel rails and an aluminium structure add further resilience to this great everyday saddle.

This 'Whatever the road' limited edition run of saddles are inspired by a trio of video shorts that Brooks released in 2020. In Brooks' words, the Devon edition takes its cues from "the rolling hills and wide skies of Dartmoor National Park (which) inspire the dark, earthen tones." Arizona can "trace its inspiration to the sandy, cactus-lined tracks of the American Southwest." Finally, the Yorkshire colour is based on the "cool colours along England's eastern coast."



  • Limited edition colourways of the popular C17 all-weather rubber saddle
  • Natural rubber top is comfortable from ride one
  • Durable anodised rivets in custom colours
  • Strong, tubular steel rails that have been powder coasted black


  • Backplate features loops for mounting a saddle bag. 3kg limit
  • Length: 283mm
  • Width: 164mm
  • Height: 52mm
  • Weight: 464g


  • Check rivets haven't loosened over time
  • The Cambium shouldn't be affected by rain nor a quick wash down