Crane Bell

Crane E-Ne Bell - All Black


The Crane E-NE Bell is a handsome striker style bell which can be fitted onto your bike’s handlebar, stem or steerer. Crane bells are renowned for their beautiful clear, resounding tones and their timeless classic looks and the E-NE bell does not disappoint on either count. Made in Osaka, Japan, the E-NE bell is one of the most flexible bells out there in terms of fixing options, and is also one of the most nice-looking, in our eyes at least.



  • Adjustable mounting band to fit bar, stem or steerer diameters 22.2-31.8mm
  • Bell is 37mm diameter
  • Made in Osaka, Japan


  • Can be mounted in a range of places
  • Has a lovely ring which is mellifluous as well as loud
  • Mounting band is coated in vinyl to prevent any scratching during installation
  • A timeless design which is easy to use


  • Should fit all handlebar styles and can also be mounted to the stem or steerer if you have sufficient space