Grepp Gripper Handlebar Tape

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Cork, leather or synthetic. Forget that, there's another 'bar tape in the house. It's washable, reusable, biodegradable and made from sustainable plant fibres. Say what?

Yes, this is Grepp's gripper handlebar tape. Soft to the touch, the tape is made from 98% Tencel (a material from Beechwood pulp) with a secondary weave of rubber (2%) threading to grip the handlebars. There's no paltry strip of adhesive to speak of here. Wrapping bars in the Gripper is a pleasure, with just a modicum of flex to wrap the drops neatly, but not too much that your favourite setup looks a saggy mess. 

If a re-cable of your dreamy road machine is on the cards - maybe even a change of bars - Grepp tape can be whipped off, shoved in a washing machine and reapplied without fuss. 

Grepp's approach to material soucing is re-assuringly open - they're committed to a traceable supply chain. All materials are sourced from the EU, beginning with the main Tencel fibre. Produced in Austria from certified local forests in the country, it then heads off to Portugal to be spun and dyed. Finally, after arriving in Jönköping in Sweden, the yarn is weaved into the finished handlebar tape by a company 40km from Grepp's HQ. Its final journey, before it heads your way is, to us at Always Riding in the UK.



  • Finally, a bar tape with some sustainable credentials
  • Made from Tencel fibres, that's wood!
  • Completely resuable, washable (in a machine) and biodegradable
  • Excellent value for a premium bar tape


  • Each length of tape is 3 metres long - plenty for those flared gravel bars you're riding
  • 27mm wide
  • 1.6mm thick
  • Weighs less than 20grams
  • Available in three colours
  • Tape structure balances flexibility and rigidity for the best 'bar wrap
  • Comes with expanding bar end plugs (Made in Finland)
  • The tape is OEKO-TEX® certified


  • Washable at 40˚C
  • Grepp are confident that'll it will go longer than most other tapes out there
  • Try using a smidge of super glue to get a clean finish