Portland Design Works

Portland Design Works Full Metal Fenders - 650 Beast 55mm


Full length mudguards are a great addition to anyone’s bike who is looking for dry feet and a dry back. 650B tyres have picked up in popularity for gravel riding, so Portland Design Works adapted their brilliant Full Metal Fender for 27.5” wheels. These are the PDW Full Metal Fenders 650 Beast (and these are the 55mm wide variant, see the 65mm set here).

The Portland Design Works 650 Beast Fenders in 55mm are designed to fit tyres up to 47mm in diameter (or 1.85” in old money). There is a bit of flexibility with tyre size - you can fit bigger than 47mm if you have the clearance and your wheels run true. The full PDW fit guide is here. They use extra long hangers at the top to help provide a better (more aesthetically pleasing) fit around the tyre. No one wants an unnecessary gap there.

The Full Metal Fenders have picked up a well deserved reputation for quality since they were first introduced. They are compatible with all manner of frames, including those without dedicated mudguard mounts and they are full rebuildable. PDW offer a great range of spares to help you get a rock-solid fit or rebuild a mudguard after an incident, without the need to buy a whole new set.

Please note: the stays of the mudguards are black.



  • 55mm wide
  • Fits 47mm (1.85”) tyres (or possible a bit more, depending on clearances)
  • For 650 Beast sized wheels (650B / 27.5”)
  • Weight - 454g
  • Made of anodised aluminium
  • Laser etched PDW logo
  • Full metal fender and arms with tough fixings for durability
  • Safety tabs means front fender will disconnect without breaking anything in you get something jammed in them
  • The full Portland Design Works Fenders fit guide is here
  • The installation manual is here


  • Stylish and practical fenders, that lead the competition on durability and looks
  • Works with tyres up to 47mm (1.85”) in diameter
  • Check fork and brake clearances before installing - fit guide is here
  • Comes with a wide range of fixing options for a variety of dropouts and brake options
  • Puddles are no longer the enemy!


  • Wash or hose down after mucky rides
  • Clear plastic tape included to minimise rattle or rubbing
  • A touch of water dispersal agent (WD40, GT85 or the like) in places will aid longevity