Schindelhauer Urban Pedals

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Pedals are a personal choice for everyone with preferences being varied, dependant on peoples needs. Cleats and toe straps aren’t for everyone and a sharp pinned MTB pedal is overkill for riding in the city.

Schindelhauer’s Urban CNC pedals have opted for a grip tape surface on both sides of a slim CNC’d aluminium body. The body spins on two bearings and a steel spindle with the whole package weighs in at 300 grams. They are fully compatible with both Schindelhauer’s Toe Straps and Pedal straps if you prefer a little more security when you’re riding.



  • CNC machined aluminium pedal body
  • CroMo steel spindle
  • Griptape surface
  • Sides: Reflex reflective tape
  • Dimensions (mm): 112 x 20 x 78


  • An ideal choice for your Schindelhauer or any urban bike of your choosing
  • No spikes or pins to catch your shins
  • Griptape can be replaced if required


  • Grip tape is replaceable if this is required in future
  • Can be serviced if required
  • Ensure you use an anti seize product on the pedal threads when installing
  • Don’t forget the left hand pedal has a reverse thread!