Spurcycle Bell Spare Parts

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Spurcycle bells are fully rebuildable so we keep a range of spares in stock to keep that chime crystal clear


Spurcycle Bells are fully rebuildable so we keep a full selection of Spurcycle spares in stock, in case you damage your bell and need to get hold of some replacement parts. If you have any questions regarding parts or warranty then get in touch here.

These parts are for the original Spurcycle bell, available in Black and Raw.

Note that replacement levers include the tool to help install them. See the video below for how to do this.

Here are some useful resources too regarding repair of your Spurcycle Bell:

Video detailing lever repair using the included tool



  • A is the Bolt Raw
  • B is the Bolt Black
  • C is the Nut
  • D is the Lever Raw
  • E is the Lever Black
  • F is the Small Band Raw
  • G is the Small Band Black
  • H is the Large Band Raw
  • I is the Large Band Black


  • Spares available for the Spurcycle Bell
  • Get in touch if you need any help with repairs


  • All spares can be fitted at home