Spurcycle Compact Bell


Taking inspiration from their revered original bell, Spurcycle have released their compact bell. The Spurcycle Compact Bell uses a much narrower clamp and hammer so that it takes up less space of your bars. The dome is still plenty big enough to bring out the classic Spurcycle ring that they are known for.

The Spurcycle Compact Bell will only fit on 22.2mm bars, so in general that means flat handlebar bikes only. Given the small size of the Compact Bell, it will fit in nicely with mountain bikes even if you have an array of lockout, dropper and shift levers.



  • Compact bicycle bell
  • Available in black only
  • 22.2mm clamp is made of plastic
  • Bell is for flat handlebar bikes only - so MTBs and commuters
  • Made in Taiwan


  • Narrow clamp plays well with already busy MTB handlebars


  • Check the bell after any crashes
  • Double check it is tight every now and again