Tubolito Tubo Road Inner Tube - 80mm Presta


Tubolito spent a considerable amount of time looking at inner tubes to see how they could improve over the standard butyl rubber. After spending time pouring over materials they started working with a thermoplastic elastomer. The material can be made thinner than rubber whilst keeping its durability - so this means that Tubolito tubes are both lighter and more durable than a standard rubber inner tubes. In the world of super light road bikes, inner tubes are a cost effective way of saving some precious grams on your build.



  • Lightweight and durable inner tube
  • Weight: 38 grams (approximately)
  • Thermoplastic elastomer material
  • More durable than rubber inner tube
  • 80mm valve stem
  • Presta valve
  • Fits up to 700c x 28mm tyres
  • Disc and rim brake compatible


  • Non-conventional inner tube construction
  • Packs up significantly smaller than a standard tubes
  • Ideal as an emergency tube for tubeless malfunction


  • Check your tyre before fitting your tube
  • Make sure your tube won't get pinched when you inflate it
  • Otherwise little care is needed when in use!