Apidura Backcountry Food Pouch - 1.2L

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This version of Apidura's Backcountry Food Pouch, the 1.2L, is ready and waiting to accept an ice-cool bidon, maybe even a whole packed for service station biscuits, or perhaps, your 50mm fixed lens.

Apidura's experience in the realm of bikepacking ensures that this food pouch meets the riding requirements of most. The material used to manufacture the pouch is light in weight (the whole bag weighs just 60g) and yet remains tough and resistant to tears and abrasions. Handlebar mounts are ably supported by a support strap, ideal if that big weekend two-dayer is off-road. Apidura has cleverly tapered the pouch too, that way knees don't bash it during every pedal stroke.



  • A bar mounted nose-bag for snacks, drinks and other bits
  • Manufactured from a four-layer laminated fabric most commonly found in the maritime industry
  • Fits with a three point system - can be mounted either side of a stem
  • Tapered design prevents contact when pedalling


  • 19cm x 10cm (Diameter is 9cm)
  • Weight: 60g
  • 1.2 litre capacity


  • Wash Apidura's food pouch by hand, with some mild soap if its particularly dirty
  • Air to dry
  • Don't machine wash, machine dry or iron