Chrome Industries

Chrome Industries Niko Camera Sling 3.0


Another refinement of Chrome's popular camera sling - the Niko. The 3.0 version includes the same top zip opening as the previous Niko 2.0 - this was it's easy to switch out a camera lens, quickly and easily. The bag lid also includes a zipped pocket for storing leads and other items.

Inside the Niko 3.0 there's your chance to customise the sections to suit your shooting demands. For most photographers, this will be one body and two lenses. Size-wise the main section in the bag will take a full DSLR with a 70/200 lens. Like the Niko 2.0, the Niko 3.0 sling can be worn over the shoulder or around the waist. When slung over a shoulder on a shoot, the support strap keeps the bag from swinging, a welcome feature if shoot day requires riding or walking between locations.

Unclip the front flap and there's a section for lens wipes, batteries, memory cards and whatever other shooting paraphernalia is required. These two clips could also provide a compression point for an oversize item like a small tripod. Two elasticated side pockets are also included.



  • A crossbody camera sling from Chrome Industries
  • Low profile and good to ride with, the Niko 3.0 is for on the go amateur and professional photographers
  • Main camera and lens section, front storage area and two side pockets


  • Shell material: 1050D nylon and 500D TPE tarp
  • Liner material: 1180g soft trioct for proteciton
  • Size: 32 x 19 x 14cm
  • 9 litre capacity


  • Wipe clean with a damp cloth
  • Air dry