Chrome Industries

Chrome Industries Phone Pouch


Chrome have taken their no-nonsense, durable bag knowledge and applied it to making a phone holder. The pouch is made from a durable nylon fabric and there are elasticated guests on either side that expand as you load it. The Chrome Phone Pouch has external dimensions of 13.8cm x 6.7cm x 0.7cm so will fit a whole range of different phones. If you’ve got a particularly large phone (like an iPhone 12 Pro Max) then you’ll be better off with the Large Phone Pouch.

The Chrome Phone Pouch uses a hook and loop strap to fit onto most of Chrome’s messengers and backpacks. There is a key clip on the front to keep your keys close to hand as well.

Compatible with:
Barrage Freight
Bravo 3.0
Yalta 3.0
Mini Metro



  • Phone holder that fits most Chrome bags (and other brands too)
  • Water resistant fabric
  • Integrated key loop
  • External dimensions of 13.8cm x 6.7cm x 0.7cm


  • Reflective panel on the front
  • Hook and loop attachment folds flat when not in use
  • Not just for keeping your phone within arm’s reach…


  • Double check the hook and look is tight from time to time