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Mission Workshop Toro Handlebar Bag

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The best handlebar bags, although simple, require an exact recipe. 

  1. 1. Set outside temperature to 20°C
  2. 2. Easily mount the bag to your chosen bike. It shouldn't be floppy even when empty.
  3. 3. Load bag with sarnies, jacket, gloves a multitool or anything else you fancy
  4. 4. Ride hard, or easy - don't let us tell you what to do
  5. 5. Enjoy the bag's fixed position. It should be stable when out of the saddle
  6. 6. Bake (ride) for an hour and a half with the odd rain shower
  7. 7. Repeat

Recipe recommendation: Mission Workshop Toro Handlebar Bag




  • A weatherproof bar bag from the team at Mission Workshop
  • Maintains structure and shape thanks to a frame sheet stiffener
  • Should easily mount to any bike, road, gravel, mountain or other
  • The attachment points are made from hypalon
  • There's a clip inside for hanging a set of keys


  • Named after Mission's favourite Burrito shack in San Francisco
  • Slots to attach bits to the outside of the bag e.g. a light
  • Made in the USA
  • Smart, laser etched logo
  • Dimensions: 23cm x 10cm
  • VX fabric weight: 128g
  • Multicam fabric weight: 140g


  • Wipe clean
  • Air dry