Spurcycle Saddle Bag


Spurcycle’s approach to product design is minimalist, functional and just a little bit stylish. They began with their griprings before moving on to their outstanding bells and tools. The next product in line is their saddlebag, is a stealthy black, is fitted with a solitary strap and has a little blue tag to let you know who made it.

Inside, there is space to fit an inner tube, multi tool, levers and a few other spares.  Spurcycle’s clever design means that as you fit the saddle bag, you roll the top around the contents which keeps the bulk down to a minimum, whatever you have in there. You can also fit the saddlebag to the underside of a dropper post - perfect for those who enjoy the mountainous off-road variety of riding.



  • Made out of black X-PAC VX42
  • Fits with just one hook and loop strap
  • Enough space for a tube, multi tool, levers and a few other spares
  • Dropper post compatible
  • Approximate dimensions: 12.5cm x 18cm x 6cm


  • Just a hook and loop strap to keep things in place means there’s nothing to break
  • Made in the San Francisco, California


  • Use a damp non-abrasive cloth to remove marks
  • Dry naturally