Carradice Duxback Rain Poncho - Olive

  • Measurements: 97cm (front), 85cm (back)
  • Weight: 820g
  • One size fits most: should fit all riders up to around 6' 2"
  • Internal waist ties and hand loops to keep the poncho in place whilst riding


The Carradice Duxback Rain Poncho is eminently suitable for commuting or touring, especially for those looking for a simple, traditional and effective option for protecting oneself against the elements. Unlike ponchos made from man-made fabrics, the waxed cotton construction of the Duxback Rain poncho allows for a serene rainy ride experience, without the barrage of flapping one might experience in a lighter weight poncho. The waxed cotton is also very durable and can be reproofed, meaning the Duxback is sure to give you many years of reliable service.

The Duxback has several well thought out features including a front zip to make it easy to whip on or off (no helmet removal necessary), a leather tab below the zip to facilitate easy zipping action, internal ties to secure the poncho in place and an attractive plaid lined collar and hood for additional comfort. The front zip also provides some air flow and temperature control for a comfortable ride. The Duxback also features a Scotchlite reflective strip across the rear for added visibility.



  • Lined collar and hood for comfort
  • Front zip means helmet can be left on when putting on/removing the poncho
  • Leather tab to make zipping/unzipping easy
  • Scotchlite reflective strip on rear for additional visibility


  • Allow poncho to dry and then brush off loose mud
  • Use warm water and a nail brush or similar for any stubborn stains
  • Never use detergent as this strips out the waterproofing
  • Reproofing wax available to maintain waterproofing
  • Ensure poncho is completely dry before packing away