Caps & Neckwear

For road riders, a comfortable and stylish cycling cap is a wardrobe essential. Worn year round, it can either protect from the sun, keep the rain off or keep you warm on mountain top descents. Usually made of cotton or sometimes a light weight wool, every rider should have at least one.

The Road Cycling Cap

There are probably as many different makes of road cap as there are riders to wear them. Some riders even collect caps, and with cycling's love of its own history, there are certainly a lot of varied, garish and rare caps to search for! If you are new to the world of cycling, it is enough to know that you should only ever wear a cap if it is comfortable, breathable, and suitable for all day riding. If you can find a cap that looks good with your jersey, jacket or bib shorts, and is comfortable enough to be worn all day, then the job is done.

Cool Weather Cycling Hats

The other type of hat a cyclist will wear is a more full featured and technical piece for cool weather riding. Often constructed from merino, or at least highly advanced synthetic fibres, their job is to keep the wind and cold at bay.


From head to toe, preparing for a wintery bike ride can sometimes feel more endeavour than enjoyment, yet when the temperatures drop one place that is nearly always overlooked, yet highly susceptible to icy blasts is the neck area. Very much like the hands, feet and head, making sure this area is covered up will make any ride a more enjoyable experience, so we've included some products that should certainly help to make your next adventure a little more comfortable.

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  1. Isadore Climber's Cap
    Isadore Climber's Cap
    As low as £20.00
  2. Chrome Industries Cycling Cap
    Chrome Industries Cycling Cap
    As low as £25.00
  3. Cinelli Supercorsa Cotton Cap - Black
    Cinelli Supercorsa Cotton Cap - Black
    Special Price £13.30 Regular Price £14.99
  4. Pelago Cycling Cap
    Pelago Cycling Cap
    Special Price £23.80 Regular Price £25.00
  5. Pelago Lightweight Beanie
    Pelago Lightweight Beanie
    As low as £35.00
  6. Pelago Traditional Beanie
    Pelago Traditional Beanie
    As low as £45.00
  7. Pelago Cycling Cap - Patch
    Pelago Cycling Cap - Patch
    As low as £25.00
  8. Cinelli Nemo Tig Cap - Black
    Cinelli Nemo Tig Cap - Black
    Special Price £13.30 Regular Price £14.99
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