Men's Cycling Jerseys

Worn as an expression of style, leading-edge tech or affinity with a favourite team, rider & country, cycling jerseys say as much about the cyclist as the bike he or she chooses to ride. Whether you buy a cycle jersey motivated by emotion, features, or perhaps just a great colour, read our thoughts below on some of the rider favourite brands from around the site and how to choose your perfect jersey.

Every ride is different

What suits one cyclist may not in fact suit another. From environmental conditions to how often you actually manage to get out on the bike, a cycling jersey, or indeed any piece of cycle clothing should be bought with your ride in mind, and nothing else. For example, if hot conditions are prevalent in your area, then clearly a lighter weight cycle jersey would be a better choice than a more 'early season' jersey designed for cooler conditions. Likewise, if you are lucky enough to be able to ride 3-4 times a week, a more feature rich, technical cycle jersey would be more appropriate, whereas for the rider who pops out for a quick weekend spin every once in a while, a simpler, less technical jersey would be a prudent choice.

Long Sleeve Cycling Jerseys

The long sleeve cycling jersey is an essential for cooler weather riding. A solid alternative to wearing a short sleeve jersey with arm warmers, look out for warmer fabrics and extra core protection for true cold weather riding. If you're looking for a long sleeved jersey to act in place of a cycling jacket, consider options which incorporate wind and water resistance too. 

Short Sleeve Cycling Jerseys

Ideal for warmer weather riding, the short sleeve cycling jersey is a core bit of kit for cyclists and offers much greater variety in styling and visual design than say, bib shorts. Expect a full length zipper, three rear pockets and gripper hem as standard; some options will also offer extra zipped pockets and UPF protection as well. When it comes to deciding on a jersey it is worth considering the fit and feel (which will vary between brands and based on the cut and fabric used); the rest is really down to personal taste in terms of styling. With both simple single colour options and much more complex designs available, there is something for all palates. 


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