Always Riding

To be truly Always Riding would of course require a caffeine habit of pannier-troubling proportions. The miles would fly by for a time, but after, oh let's say 20 hours on the bike, things might get a touch peaky. Let's call it a mindset to live by then rather than a mantra, and leave it at that.

  1. Discovering Columbus: Inside Cinelli

    Discovering Columbus: Inside Cinelli
    Downing our espressi, we hop on a passing yellow tram at Porta Ticinese and rattle down Via Torino towards the city’s dead-centre. Through the morning Milanese rush hour rain, the iconic old streetcar’s dinging bell gently nudges through the commuters as they weave in and out of cafes and tabacs. Our tram lurches to a stop, and for a moment...
  2. Lisa Paarvio: Learning to fly

    Lisa Paarvio: Learning to fly
    A few clicks, a chirp of a connection made, and a pixelated screen slowly sharpens to reveal an animated Lisa Paarvio waving at me from the other side. “Hey, you made it!”, she exclaims. Clearly the internet is better in rural Catalonia than in London, as my first words emerge short and staccato. But Lisa picks up the thread and...
  3. A sock-like fit? Say hello to Giro Knit Shoes

    A sock-like fit? Say hello to Giro Knit Shoes
    Has your grandma gone missing? Has the swish and click sound of her incessant knitting been replaced by scone-less silence? If so, Giro has relocated your favourite octogenarian and put her to work knitting its new line of 'Xnetic™' Knit shoes. Sadly, stories of unsustainable tea consumption, cheek-pinching, photo album pass arounds and gossiping breaks amongst this get-up-and-forget-where-to-go workforce have...
  4. The Chrome Welterweight Collection

    The Chrome Welterweight Collection
    In boxing parlance, welterweight sits between lightweight and middleweight. Known for its knock-out combo of speed and toughness, it doesn’t take a great leap of imagination to see why the new Chrome Industries Welterweight bag collection has been so named. Built with lighter fabrics and an aluminium buckle hollowing out the weight alongside uprated reflective tech, the new line looks...
  5. Gerard Vroomen on bike design, cycling & taking over the reins at 3T

    Gerard Vroomen on bike design, cycling & taking over the reins at 3T
    There are some bike brands that, whether by plan or happy chance, become more than the sum of their parts, fanning out as part of a wider popular bike culture; reference points for stellar design and engineering. Arguably, Cervélo is one of these brands, and with Gerard Vroomen at the helm as co-founder and designer for 15 years, this road...
  6. Unveiled: The Brompton Electric

    Unveiled: The Brompton Electric
    Will we soon be living in a city bike e-assisted world, where every bicycle has a motor, and every rider is capable of crossing the city at Tour de France speeds? With the unveiling of the Brompton Electric this week - a long rumoured electric version of the British brand's folding city bike - that world is now one pedal...
  7. Always Riding.....Bikes?

    Always Riding.....Bikes?
    When we started back in 2008, it was with a handpicked collection of apparel from new makers and start-ups (with a smattering of mainstream brands in there for good measure, of course). A little later we added a range of rider-favourite accessories, like bottles, bar-grips, bags & beer openers (you get the picture). Where there was one glaring omission, well...
  8. The Welder of Verona: Dario Pegoretti

    The Welder of Verona: Dario Pegoretti
    Dario Pegoretti steps out of his door, characteristic long hair pulled back in a workmanlike ponytail, stretching out a hand with a twinkle in his eye, “Welcome Pete, Dario.” Wearing a paint-spotted t-shirt and pocket-heavy 3/4 length shorts, he stops to pat his shuffling 13-year old German Shepherd Jack as we step out of the fierce heat of Verona’s midday...
  9. Choosing your Cambium C13 Saddle Width

    Choosing your Cambium C13 Saddle Width
    With the release of the Cambium C13 one-piece braided carbon frame saddle - a racing evolution of the phenomenally successful Cambium C15 model - Brooks England has taken a decisive step to support the more hard-charging 'on the rivet' road cyclist. With a vulcanised rubber and cotton saddle upper for a reassuring natural flex mated to a continuous carbon saddle...
  10. What's in the bag? Chrome's Bravo Pack Day Essentials

    What's in the bag? Chrome's Bravo Pack Day Essentials
    Perspective can be hard to come by when choosing the right bag for your ride. Take Chrome's popular Bravo Backpack. Sure, it's got pockets aplenty, heaps of style and build quality that's guaranteed for life, but how much can you really stow in there? With our series of Pack & Ride videos, we hope to answer that question. Enjoy. SHOP...
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  12. Shot from the saddle: We asked 5 pros for their top cycling photography tips and kit advice

    Shot from the saddle: We asked 5 pros for their top cycling photography tips and kit advice
    Taking photos from the saddle is a pretty popular pastime these days. With the opportunities for snap-worthy scenery that being on the bike affords the rider, and the fact that nearly all of us are riding with a pretty sweet camera holstered somewhere or other, there's never been a better time to record your ride and share it with...
  13. 5 Road Bike Holiday Destinations to Give You The Jimmy Legs

    5 Road Bike Holiday Destinations to Give You The Jimmy Legs
    If you have to spend the night phantom pedalling, then you might as well have earned it riding luxuriously sinewy switchbacks, tapping out granny-ring gradients, and hustling the valley-floor home with only one end in sight: that of the rider in front of you. Or rather, a bed so downy plump it could be made of marshmallow, heady wine, ice...

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