With a ratio of nearly one folding bike for each team member across the AR staff, it's fair to say that we are big Brompton fans! And understanding the unique luggage needs that come with riding a Brompton, we stock a range of gorgeous and practical Brompton-compatible bags. Each option complements the Brompton’s key characteristics of convenience, flexibility and ease of fold - whether because it is easy to take on or off the bike or can be left on the bike when it folds.



Carradice Brompton Bag in black

The Brompton front carrier block luggage system really can’t be beaten for convenience. A bag on the front carrier block is an excellent option for taking things with you on the Brompton, and, although the weight is at the front, the steering of the bike isn’t adversely affected since the bag is attached to the frame rather than the handlebars. Many people actually find a bag on the front carrier block makes the steering of a Brompton more steady. Handily, we stock both the Carradice City Classics Stockport Folder bag (suitable for all handlebar types, including the more sporty ‘S’ type) and the Carradice Originals City Folder bag (suitable for all handlebar types except the ‘S’ type).

Both offer unique combination of features which offer something a little different in terms of style or functionality compared with other styles of front Brompton bags: both are made in Britain, include a padded laptop sleeve and are constructed from Carradice’s 100% waterproof Cotton Duck fabric. Classically styled, these bags just look like a (very nice) regular bag (not a ‘cycle-specific’ bag) and would not look out of place in the office, down the boozer or generally round about town. The Stockport is a nice slimline design, and off the bike it is easy to carry round and fit into any spare space in constrained places like peak hour train vestibules. Both are sized to accommodate a typical day’s worth of stuff.

Carradice now also an attractive Harris Tweed option for the ultimate in classic styling.



Fahrer Schlingel bag - ideal for Bromptons!
Fahrer Schlingel bag in blue

With most Brompton bikes naturally city-based, it's worth noting that away from the need to haul larger loads, accessorising your Brompton with a well-placed accessory bag for smaller items is certainly well-advised. These smaller bag options for Bromptons are perfect for carrying those bits and bobs you might want to have easily accessible whilst riding: a packable waterproof for unexpected showers, phone or wallet, ‘freshen-up kit’, lights, toolkit, or perhaps a little snack to be eagerly snaffled between stops. We like the Berlin-made Schlingel bag from Fahrer (shown above), which can be easily attached to the seatpost with its secure and simple wrap around design.



Carradice Carradry Saddle Bag - front
Carradice Carradry Saddle Bag - rear

For less city-based Brompton riding, there are some clever bag options which work well on Bromptons. The Carradice SQR (saddle quick release) system allows you to easily take a saddle bag on or off the bike (note that with the SQR system fitted, the Brompton seat post does not go fully into the frame). The Carradice CarraDry bag offers an ample 12-15 litre capacity, a super waterproof robust PVC construction, and, off the bike, a dedicated shoulder strap and carry handle.





Our Brompton bags range is now on sale as part of our end of retail sale. We also offer the Brompton carrier frame and carrier block so you can get your front carrier block mounted bag up and running right away if you don't already have these.


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