Over the past year we’ve been lucky enough to meet and chat to some really fascinating people from the cycling world as part of our ongoing Always Riding features series. We’ve also gone out to the experts in search of some great advice for cyclists, from how you can use yoga to enhance your cycling, to photography tips and kit advice for riders wanting to shoot from the saddle. In part one of our round-up of the best from the blog for 2017, we feature five of our top blogs from the past twelve months.

1. Road Bike Holiday Destinations To Give You The Jimmy Legs

Love Velo cycling holiday, Mallorca

Besides wrapping up and heading out on the bike, quiet winter days are a great time to dream about warmer rides in sunnier climes. This blog is a great starting point for inspiring that next adventure in 2018. It’s worth a look just for the gorgeous scenery!

2. Breaking Away: Paul Budnitz And The Quest For Perfection

Paul Budnitz

All of my projects are inspired by the things that are missing in my own life. I love great art, and I love creating something that does what it’s supposed to do. Good things tend to be beautiful, because beauty just makes the world better.

Paul Budnitz, Budnitz Bicycles

Back in June we spoke to Paul Budnitz, founder of Budnitz Bicycles, a small Vermont-based bicycle company which makes some of the most beautiful, functional urban bicycles you will ever comes across. Designed as “forever bikes” which will last a lifetime, Budnitz’s passion and enthusiasm for great design in cycling is infectious - and the bikes look pretty nice too!

3. Yoga For Cyclists With Lexie Williamson

Qualified yoga instructor Lexie Williamson gave us the lowdown on why yoga and cycling are natural bedfellows, and showed how yoga can make your cycling more comfortable and competitive. With some key stretches to try out at home, this is a great one to check out if you missed it first time round.

4. Gerard Vroomen

Gerard Vroomen

In August, we were lucky enough to speak to Gerard Vroomen, co-founder of Cervélo and now co-owner of both 3T Cycling and OPEN. Gerard gave us a really fascinating insight into the bike industry and the design process for new bikes - all from a man who knows the industry inside out. He also threw in a nice bit of philosophising for good measure. A top read from a top bloke.

In this world, because of how busy everybody is, we risk just going through the motions in life; days become weeks and weeks become months and months become years and we just don't have a feeling that we're really living. We're just going through the motions. I think cycling gives you the opportunity to really get out there and shut off everything and enjoy a different type of life.

Gerard Vroomen, 3T Cycling and OPEN

Amen to that!

5. Bikepacking: A (Mostly) All Year Kit List

Bikepacking Bags

We love our range of high quality bikepacking bags from small independent makers like Restrap and Porcelain Rocket here at Always Riding. But how best to pack for a short trip away? This blog shows you how to boss it - hot cross bun and hip flask optional!

Look out for part two of the 'best of the blog 2017' - coming soon!