Until recently, multi-day trips meant wrestling a rack onto your bike and loading up some hefty panniers. The emergence of lightweight & streamlined bags, along with the growing popularity of long distance events such as the Transcontinental and The Tour Divide, has put bikepacking firmly on the map. Unlike panniers, the majority of bikepacking kit can be attached to any type of bike and the endless possible combinations allow you to tailor your setup specifically to each trip - check out our visual guide here.

Below, we’ve listed some essentials you might take on a multi-day trip in early spring, summer or autumn. Try to keep off-the-bike clothes to a minimum - you’ll want to get out of your bib shorts once you’ve finished riding for the day - but one set of clothes is probably enough for a short trip. Don’t forget some warm layers, especially if you’re sleeping out.

Camping-wise, we’ve gone with a lightweight “if-the-weather's-nice” setup. Who knows what the weather will do, so decide on the day. If it’s going to be a glorious evening then find a quiet bivvy spot. If not, head for a nearby B&B, hotel, or hostel and save the camping for an evening when you’ll really enjoy it.

Bikepacking Bags

1. Restrap Saddle Bag

Saddle bags can take a bit of work to get into so we’d pack it with our off-the-bike clothes & shoes. The detachable dry bag system which Restrap use means you can easily take your dry bag inside for the night whilst leaving the holster attached to the bike.

2. 7Mesh Outflow Jacket
3. 7Mesh Callaghan Hoodie
4. Outrider T-Shirt
5. Chrome Shorts
6. DZR Mechanic Shoes

7. Restrap Frame Bag (Large)

Frame bags are easily accessible while riding and are perfect for storing extra layers & other bits and bobs you might need throughout the day.

8. Mug
9. Aeropress
10. Spork
11. Leatherman
12. Cables
13. Toothbrush & toothpaste
14. Hestra Gloves
15. 7Mesh Oro Rain Jacket
16. PEdAL ED Kubi Neck Warmer
17. Café du Cycliste Jacqueline Audax Gilet

18. Restrap Top Tube Bag

Using a Top Tube Bag is a great way to get weight out of your back pockets which can become uncomfortable if you’re riding all day. Ours are usually full of pick n mix.

19. Silca Tattico Mini Pump (can also be fixed to bottle mounts)
20. Map
21. Hip Flask
22. Garmin

23. Restrap Bar Bag & Food Pouch

Like the saddle bag, the bar bag isn’t the most accessible, so pack your lightweight camping setup in here. The detachable food pouch is great for items you’ll take inside when you stop at a café.

24. Smartphone
25. Money
26. Multitool
27. Hot Cross Bun
 (buttered liberally)
28. Rab Survival Zone Bivvy Bag (Recommended and supplied by our good friends at Pannier.cc)
29. Therm-A-Rest Prolite (Pannier.cc)
30. Rab Neutrino Sleeping Bag (Pannier.cc)