We are pleased to announce that we will now be stocking Brompton Bags. We’ve long championed the wondrous piece of engineering that is the Brompton folding bicycle and are excited to start selling their luggage.

London based Brompton understood a good while ago that their customers needed a way of transporting luggage whilst riding. Backpacks and messenger bikes do work in some circumstances, but getting the bag off your back and onto your bike is the goal they aimed for and their mounting solution is as elegant as it is simple.

Brompton Shoulder Bag mounted on a Brompton

Brompton bags fully integrate with your bike, making carrying kit with you a breeze.

Click in and Go

Rigidity is an important consideration when strapping any bags to your bike (see oversized bikepacking saddle bags for waggly examples). Brompton knew that their bags needed to mount to the bike without hindering performance, be easy to use and be durable enough for daily use.

With some hard work and brilliant thinking, Brompton came up with a system that combines a Front Carrier Block, Carrier Frame and a bag. The Frame sits inside your bag, giving it support and rigidity. The Carrier Block mounts to your head tube and lets you slide the bag with frame on and off with ease.

Which Carrier Frame you need and whether or not you need a Carrier Block does vary from bag to bag. Almost all the bags we sell come with the Frame, but most do not come with the carrier block. You only need one block per bike, but you might a different frame for each bag. All product pages should de-mystify this and if they don’t, just get in touch.

The only other consideration worth mentioning is that not all bags are compatible with the S-Type bars. For all you speed demons out there, it is best to double check before you purchase.

Brompton Carrier Frame and Front Carrier Block

On the left is the Carrier Frame, which sits inside your bag, and on the right is the Carrier Block, which fits to your frame.

Bags of Range

Brompton bags come in all manner of shapes and sizes. They have roughly split them into four ranges: Modern, Classic, Premium and Water-Resistant. There is always some cross over of course.

The Classic Range consists of the bags that Brompton originally designed. There are many Brompton owners who have had their bags for many years - these designs just work. The bags include the S Bag, T Bag, C Bag and Folding Basket.

With an up-to-date sillouette, the Modern Range keeps on trend with two bags: the Roll-Top and the Shoulder bag. They are just as functional and practical as their Classic relatives, with a fresh look to help keep you on trend on your city centre commute.

Brompton Roll Top Bag
Brompton Shoulder Bag Grey

On the left is the Roll Top Bag and on the right is the Shoulder Bag in Grey.

Who better to involve on weatherproofing bags than Ortlieb. They have decades of experience in making the very best in waterproof cycle luggage so they are a perfect fit for making bags for the UK rain. The range includes the O bag and Mini O Bag.

The Premium range consists includes bags made specially for Brompton by specialist manufacturers. Champman make the Game Bag which comes in a selection fo finishes, including Genuine Harris Tweed.

Brompton Game Bag Storm Grey Tweed
Brompton Game Bag Close Up

The Brompton Game Bag in Storm Grey Tweed.

With such a range of bags on offer, there should be something to suit everyones needs.


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