Casual cycling leg wear is a difficult piece of clothing to find, even at the best of times. Standard denim or cotton trousers look the part off the bike, but tend to wear through all too quickly. Bib shorts and mountain bike baggies are great for on the bike, however you are risk of being commented on by other members of your team.

Step in Chrome Industries - indestructible urban cycling gear specialists. They’ve got a good number of years behind them making cycling clothing and bags, and their concise range of leg wear is concise pays close attention to the small details.

All the trousers and shorts share some common features. Chrome uses a base fabric they call ‘Everest’, which is water resistant, durable and has a 4-way stretch it. Whilst the specific make up does vary with the visual affect aimed for, the general properties remain the same. As all of the shorts and trousers are designed for use on the bike, Chrome have minimised seams and bulked up durability around the area where the shorts contact the saddle.

Women's Chrome Trousers and Shorts

To start, we’ll look at the women’s options. There are two items from Chrome here, the Anza Short and the Seneca Chino.

Anza Short

For the Anza Shorts, Chrome has given them a slim cut with a 6” inseam and plenty of pockets all around including a webbing d-lock holster and a hidden zip pocket. The Anzas are a good all purpose short - not too smart to cycle in nor too casual for work or meetings.

Everyday cycling shorts with a D-lock holster
6” inseam
Slim leg fit

Chrome Anza Women's Cycling Shorts
Chrome Anza Women's Cycling Shorts Detail

Chrome Anza cycling shorts in Black

Seneca Chino Womens

Styled up like a pair of standard chinos, the Seneca trousers are good all-round choice of full-length leg wear. The cut is slim-straight, the inseam is 32” and there are plenty of pockets to store your phone, wallet, keys and cash. With the smart chino styling, the Senecas are well suited to commuting into work without needing to change once you get there.

Chino trousers for cycle commuting
32” inseam
Slim leg fit

Chrome Seneca Women's Cycling Chinos
Chrome Seneca Women's Cycling Chinos Detail

Chrome Seneca womens cycling chinos in Black

Men's Cycling Trousers and Shorts

The mens range includes several options for trousers and shorts, with different fits and styling choices available.

Brannan Pant

Chrome’s Brannan Pant is their most popular trouser. It could be the stretchy, durable and water resistant fabric. It could be the practical pockets. It could be the fact that they are downright good looking. It’s probably a combination of the lot. The Brannan Pants have a workwear inspired fit (that means relaxed), a 34” inseam and a zip-up, passport sized front pocket.

Ideal for all day riding where you don’t need any
34” inseam
workwear inspired fit (relaxed, but not that relaxed)

Chrome Brannan Men's Cycling Trousers
Chrome Brannan Men's Cycling Trousers Detail

Chrome Brannan mens cycling trousers in Black

Folsom 2.0

The Folsom Short uses workwear for its inspiration. The leg fit is slim and the styling is less formal than that of the Seneca. You get two front and two back pockets and up near the belt loop is a webbing strap to hold your D-lock. To finish it off, the inseam length is a good, middle of the road 11” and you get reinforced triple-needle flat felled seams all round.

Comfortable and smart enough for daily work, with a D-lock holster
11” inseam
Slim leg fit

Chrome Folsom 2.0 Men's Cycling Shorts Detail
Chrome Folsom 2.0 Men's Cycling Shorts

Chrome Folsom 2.0 mens cycling shorts in Black

Union 2.0

To finish off the list is the Union 2.0 short. These shorts are the most relaxed of the lot with a 14” inseam and a baggy fit (think MTB baggies and cargo shorts). You get a full raft of pockets including a coin pocket at the front and a zip pocket at the rear and several reflective accents to keep you visible.

Good all round shorts with a more laid back styling
14” inseam
Relaxed leg fit

Chrome Union 2.0 Men's Cycling Shorts
Chrome Union 2.0 Men's Cycling Shorts Detail

Chrome Union mens cycling shorts in Black

Despite having quite a tight knit range of legwear, Chrome have all the bases covered when it comes to urban cycling leg wear.