Chrome’s bags are known the world over for being the rugged workhorses of bike messengers and people on the move in urban environments. The Chrome Modal collection builds on the these durable, practical roots and adds in a level of refinement and class.

The obvious feature of the Modal bags is the outer fabric which is now a gorgeous twill melange polyester fabric. Have no fear though - this is still a tough and hardwearing material. Metal hardware is found on the bags straps and waterproof zips are found in all the places you'd expect them.

There are five bags in the range of the Modal collection.

Summoner Backpack

Chrome Summoner Backpack Side View
Chrome Summoner Backpack ExpandedChrome Summoner Backpack Compressed

The Summoner Backpack is one for those who are regularly travelling with short stops away from home. It has a large 32L capacity unzips and folds in half to reveal its entire contents, to make packing and unpacking a breeze. Once you have unpacked and re-packed for the day, you can cinch it down with the compression straps to keep your bag a reasonable size.

Terrace Brief Sling

Chrome Terrace Sling Bag

Sometimes you only need to carry to (working) essentials with you - laptop, notebook, paperwork, stationary and some snacks. The Terrace Brief Sling is a messenger bag designed for just that. There are some clever vertical compression straps which helps minimise the size and spread the weight evenly across your back.

Spectre Duffle Back

Chrome Spectra Duffle Bag

The Spectre Duffle bag comes with a cavernous 48 litre capacity and that lovely grey melange fabric on the top and a thick tarpaulin liner on the base, so you can set it down wherever you need it. There is a waterproof end pocket for damp gear and oodles of organisational internal pockets.

Pike Backpack

Chrome Industries Pike Backpack Side
Chrome Industries Pike Backpack Flat

The Pike Backpack is a 22 litre backpack. There is an opening down the front as well as at the top so you can access kit at the top and bottom of your bag with ease. There are clips on the bottom for strapping gear down that doesn’t quite make the internal cut and there is a dedicated laptop compartment that can fit a 15” device.

Vale Sling Bag

Chrome Vale Sling Bag

Deceptively big, the Vale sling is a messenger bag that can stay flat and fit a 13” laptop or expand out to carry a set of clothes, snacks and a D-lock. There is internal organisation on the main pocket so you won’t be rummaging around your bag looking for a stray pen or an off-duty apple.

Overall, the Chrome Modal collection is a gorgeous selection of bags with a stunning aesthetic and an incredible amount of practicality and versatility.




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