Are Muxu jeans one of the all-time best pieces of apparel for urban cyclists? We certainly have a lot of customers who think so. Made from a premium Japanese stretch denim with articulated knees and a seam free crotch, Muxu jeans blur the boundary between what you wear on and off the bike.

Muxu Indigo Jeans - folded
Muxu Indigo Jeans - front fly detailMuxu Indigo Jeans - rear pocket detail

Here are just a handful of the many great things you have been saying about these jeans:

These are probably the best jeans I have ever worn...if you are hovering over whether to buy these jeans then do yourselves a favour and buy a pair before they're gone! The fit and quality are excellent and I can see these jeans lasting years. I have had Swerve cordura jeans in the past which I thought couldn't be bettered but these Muxu Jeans are on another level.

So awesome, I bought them again so I have a spare pair when the first need a wash / get stolen / burn down with the house / get split in the divorce / finally die..... hahahaha!!! 'Course, that last one was a joke!

I'm not a jeans person, but I could wear these all the time. Very comfortable on the bike.

Nice jeans that are true to size. They feel comfortable when riding and they look good off the bike as well.

Muxu Lightweight Slim Fit Jeans in black

I bought these as a gift for my partner, and he's been wearing them ever since - on and off the bike. They're great looking and fitting jeans.

Functional, stylish and great to ride in. Make a sensibly priced alternative to some of the more expensive riding jeans out there...

So comfy on the bike, and a great wear off the bike.

Comfort, looks, eye for detail - the Muxu has it all. By far the most comfortable jeans I have been riding in for my daily 20 km commute. The stretch is incredible - knees, thighs, you don't feel this is denim you're wearing. Slim as they are, they might be bit tight around the calves. But, as far as comfort and price/quality go, this one beats my Rapha jeans.

Really pleased with these jeans - the quality is excellent and the fit is spot-on. Comfortable on the bike - and no obvious signs that they are bike-specific in any when off it. The material seems to be of a high standard and durable.

In short, exactly what I was looking for.

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