Pedla's The Wilds collection embraces and celebrates the challenge and joy of riding in the mountains. Taking inspiration from the Victorian Alps in Australia, the range includes men's and women's jerseys, gilets, jackets and bibs, and is designed with demanding ride conditions in mind.

Pedla Wilds Collection - Women's Windcheater Gilet (cobalt) and Men's Windcheater Gilet (slate)
The Wilds Women's Windcheater Gilet (left) and The Wilds Men's Windcheater Gilet (right)

About four hours' drive from Melbourne, the Victorian Alps are a magnet for many Aussie riders in need of an Alpine fix, and the range has a special place in the hearts of the folks at Pedla. Offering an escape from the day to day, an awakening of the senses, a meditation in motion, stunning views and exhilarating descents, it is easy to see the attraction - the hard work is all worth it and immensely rewarding.

Pedla The Wilds fog jersey
Pedla The Wilds olive and fog jerseys
Left image: The Wilds Men's Windcheater Gilet. Right image: The Wilds Men's Aero Jersey - Olive (left), The Wilds Men's Aero Jersey - Fog (right)

But with big temperature variations between base and summit, and a combination of long winding climbs and sharp technical descents, mountain riding is uniquely demanding on a rider's physical and mental prowess. In such circumstances being prepared is key not just to the enjoyment of the ride, but also keeping comfortable and safe. Hard-working kit helps ensure you are prepared for whatever the mountains might demand of you.

Pedla Wilds Women's AquaDRY RG2+ Jacket in navy
The Wilds Women's AquaDRY RG2+ Jacket in navy

The Pedla Wilds Collection includes jerseys made from DimpleDRY Aero fabric which will help draw moisture away and keep you cool in baking temperatures. WindTEX Windcheater Gilets include a windproof membrane layer to block wind and light rain, ideal for exposed sections and descents. AquaDRY jackets use a waterproof eVent fabric which stops rain getting in but allows moisture quickly out, but are lightweight enough to stow away when not required. Finally, the AquaSHIELD jersey combines a waterproof zipper, extended drop tail and water resistant WindTEX fabric to offer good protection in wet conditions.

Pedla The Wilds navy and olive jerseys
The Wilds Men's Aero Jersey - Olive (left), The Wilds Men's Aero Jersey - Navy (right)

The alpine inspiration for the Pedla Wilds collection goes beyond the fabric, fit and features of the range to the visual designs used. The colour palette is filled with natural colours reminiscent of the seasonal variations and various elements of the mountains - sun, sky, land, water, mist and fog, rock and scrubland. Contour, topography-esque prints and patterns meet signature Pedla geometric detailing. Subtle and bold, there is something for everyone.

Pedla The Wilds Collection - Landscape Image
Pedla The Wilds Collection - descending
Left image: The Wilds Men's Aero Jersey - Fog (left). Right image: The Wilds Men's Aero Jersey - Navy


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