The Mr Fusion seatbag is an exciting new addition to our range of Porcelain Rocket bikepacking bags. Ideal for bike packers, commuters and long distance roadies alike, it has 5-13 litres of capacity and a design which can be fitted to virtually any bike (you just need a minimum amount of saddle-tyre clearance). This is probably the single product we have had the most enquiries about over the past year and it is not hard to see why.

Bikepacking saddle bag design - it's not rocket science, is it?

Waggle... Wiggle... Wobble... Sag... Swing... Sway... Wave

Whatever your preferred term for it, many bikepackers will know that the kryptonite of the saddle bag is unwanted movement whilst riding.

Mr Fusion banishes this with a unique design which combines a stiffened cordura holster, integrated mini rack, seatpost clamp fitting and removable dry bag. The design also eliminates potential thigh rub through the stiffened side panels and side compression straps, solving another common problem for bikepackers.

Porcelain Rocket Mr Fusion saddlebag system - fitted - right view
Porcelain Rocket Mr Fusion saddlebag system - fitted - left view

The total weight of the Mr Fusion saddlebag system is just 450g and it is very quick and intuitive to set up. The holster attaches to the bike in three places (saddle rail straps, seatpost strap and seatpost clamp) then the dry bag is secured into the holster with two side compression straps and a top buckle. Once it's all fitted you can easily get the dry bag in and out of the holster by unfastening the top buckle.

Mr Fusion is available in five colours and there are four different seatpost clamp sizes to fit the most common seatpost sizes (27.2, 30.9, 31.6 and 34.9 mm). You can also buy the saddle clamp as a separate item so you can use the bag on two different bikes with different sized seat posts too. Check out the options available below!



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