One of the newest products Restrap has added to it’s product line is the Tool Roll. Tool rolls in themselves are nothing new but Restrap have come at it with their tea-powered creativity and designed a roll that’s quite unique. We pulled one out to get a closer look and to find out exactly what can be fitted inside.

Restrap Tool Roll and it's contents

The tool roll and what we fitted inside - (hopefully) a selection of spares you'd actually carry day-to-day.


The Tool Roll is made out of Hypalon, which is a particularly resilient plastic polymer. Restrap have taken a single piece of the fabric, folded it in two, sewn it together then made strategic cuts on the roll’s internal side. There is a centrally placed elastic band which will hold a 29er mountain bike tube. The cuts allow you to keep your spares inside the folded material which some protection for them and lets you organise them at the same time.

We filled the roll with one Pedros tyre lever, a 16g CO2 cartridge, a gear cable, a chunky Schwalbe 700 x 42c tube, a Crankbrothers F15, quicklinks, brake pads, patch kit, tyre boots and a CO2 inflator. The lever and CO2 cartridge on the right, gear cable and tube in the centre and the rest on the right hand side. The roll was then folded up right side first then the left side with the CO2 cartridge and lever stacked on top of each other on the far left hand side.

Restrap Tool Roll packed and falt

Everything fits inside the Hypalon fabric so your spares aren't going to fall out anytime soon


Once packed, the Restrap Tool Roll is held together with another hefty elastic band and to mount it to your saddle there is a strap with a magnetic Fidlock buckle on there. As with all tool rolls, it took a couple of attempts to get the packing right to allow it fold neatly together but it wasn’t too troublesome to fold together. The Hypalon fabric is relatively thin so it lends itself well to being folded and the securing elastic band makes the whole process straight forward.

Restrap says that the tool roll is designed to sit underneath your saddle, in a jersey pocket or inside a bag. Once it is packed with a big inner tube (700 x 42c or a 29er MTB) the tool roll is pretty bulky, so whilst it will fit in a jersey pocket, it is more comfortable to keep it behind your saddle.

Restrap Tool Roll Rolled Up

It takes a couple of packing attempts to get the Tool Roll to fold up neatly


Once adjusted to the right the length, the strap and Fidlock buckle work a treat for getting the tool roll on and off. The strap holds its tension and doesn’t need to be adjusted to remove or re-fit the roll.

Restrap Tool Roll Mounted Side
Restrap Tool Roll Mounted Back

Considering the contents, the tool roll sits sleekly against your saddle


Restrap’s Tool Roll provides plenty of storage space and it keeps your spares particularly well organised, all whilst keeping itself quite understated and not too bulky. There is a plethora of under-saddle storage out there - we think Restrap have made a seriously good looking and practical option here.

The product page for the Tool Roll is here and you can see our full Restrap range here
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