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Danny - PDW Barkeep CO2 Inflator and Hestra Bike Long Sr Gloves

PDW Barkeep CO2 Inflator
Hestra Bike Long Sr Gloves

The Barkeep CO2 inflator is relied on when things go flat. Encasing the cartridge is a really nice touch and all the mechanisms are tactile enough to be used in cold, wet conditions.

The Bike Long Sr is the do-it-all glove. Work on commutes, mtb/gravel rides and doesn’t look out of place on a club run. Comfy, fairly warm and easily stashed in a pocket - it gets the nod more often than not.


Pascal - 7mesh Oro Jacket and Porcelain Rocket Partial Frame Pack

7mesh Oro Jacket
Porcelain Rocket Partial Frame Pack

This is possibly the holy grail of cycling jackets. Stealth black, waterproof and packs down smaller than a pair of Tunnocks Teacakes (and is considerably less messy).

Porcelain Rocket's Partial Frame bag keeps things simple. It is fitted using velcro with one large and one small pouch on alternating sides. Given it's shape, it is perfect for carrying an assemble-your-own chorizo baguette lunch.


Alex - Fahrer Brompton Bike Carry Handle and 7mesh Glidepath Shorts

Fahrer Brompton Bike Carry Handle
7mesh Glidepath Shorts

Ah, good old Mary Brompton-Poppins, practically perfect in every way. However, as every regular chimney-sweep knows, there are only so many times you can deal with the stair-climb-leg-bump to realise that the balance point could do with some tinkering. The Fahrer carry handle is the proverbial spoonful-of-sugar, shifting the weight back to the centre and making your commute as easy as a breezy umbrella flight. Chim-Chim-Cher-ee!

Do you need some coverings for the upper part of your legs that leave the lower part exposed? Sounds like you need some shorts. Do you like super-megabeast-bonanza-dealios? Then you need the 7Mesh Glidepath Shorts. Absolutely top quality shorts at a soon-to-be-sold-out bargain price. Perfect for winter… or maybe next spring…!


Anne - Fahrer Kurier Pannier and Cinelli Ana Benaroya Poseidon Cap

Fahrer Kurier Pannier
Cinelli Ana Benaroya Poseidon Cap

The Fahrer Kurier Pannier ticks lots of boxes for me with its simple to use, stylish design and sustainable production credentials. It is basically like a sexed-up Ortlieb pannier, taking the best features of the Ortlieb (waterproof construction, high quality mounting system) and rolling them into a more work-ready, style-oriented design. It is quite pricey but the investment will quickly pay itself back for the amount of use you will get out of it.

Cinelli make some awesome cycling caps, this one designed by awesome New Jersey artist Ana Benaroya is one of my favourites.


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