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  1. Married to the World Tour

    Married to the World Tour
    Liz Hatch, Brooke Gillott and Kerri Mowat all have other halves who race for three of the most powerful World Tour outfits of recent years: Team Sky’s Andy Fenn, Dimension Data for Qhubeka’s Nic Dougall and Tinkoff’s Jay McCarthy. Ex-pro Liz settled in Italy after calling time on her racing career. Brooke and Kerri left jobs and university Degrees behind...
  2. What Liz Did Next

    What Liz Did Next
    Around a decade ago, Liz Hatch arrived on the shores of Europe with her racing bike, suitcase and dreams. Comparatively late to racing, Liz oozed Crit-Racer's fight coupled with Centrefold looks, and the results, popularity and controversy that followed became a heady mix for the cycling media. For a while, they couldn't get enough of her, until Liz decided she was not being taken...
  3. Endless revolutions: a whistlestop tour of innovation in cycling

    Endless revolutions: a whistlestop tour of innovation in cycling
      Innovation in cycling is a wonderful thing. It is also a very paradoxical thing. On the one hand, cycling is strongly associated with innovation, both in the competitive cycling world and in urban cycling contexts. On the other hand, bicycle technology has remained remarkably fixed over time: a bicycle bought today is likely to have much in common with...

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