What are the key characteristics of a great cycling product? Durability? Innovativeness? Plain old good looks? We think all of these attributes have a role to play when it comes to high quality, attractive cycling apparel and accessories.

Here are some products which have stood the test of time and are as popular now as when we first added them to the range. From Trophy Wild’s playful game animal-inspired indoor bike holders to less glamorous (but can’t-live-without) essentials like chamois cream, here are some of the products you can’t get enough of - now with some great reductions available as part of our end of retail sale.

Always Riding All-Time Favourites

Cinelli t-shirt
Fifo x Always Riding t-shirt
Muxu indigo slim fit jeans
Chrome Kursk Pro SPD cycling shoes
Pedal Ed Kubi Neck Warmer
Trophy Deer Indoor Bike Rack
Full Windsor tool selection
Sportique chamois creams
Carradice Stockport Brompton bag
PDW animal bottle cage selection

1. Cinelli Who Wants To Ride? T-Shirt

A long-standing favourite, this tee has an owl with winged Cinelli 'C's for eyes and old school drop bars for a perch - what's not to like?!

2. Fifo x Always Riding Illustrated T-Shirts

Our talented friend Fiona of Fifo Cycle came up with some awesome ride-inspired T-shirt designs. Great for off the bike time.

3. Muxu Cycling Jeans

For the ‘stealth cyclists’ among you, these highly functional cycling jeans have plenty of bike-specific features (like stretch denim, articulated knees and a seam-free crotch) for a great ride experience, without looking like the technical piece of apparel that they are.

4. Chrome Kursk Pro SPD City Cycling Shoes

Chrome’s original SPD-compatible city cycling shoes, we know riders who have been rocking these as their go-to shoes for years. Tough, reliable and ultra-practical thanks to their recessed cleat fixing, we can see why these have such an avid following.

5. Pedal Ed Kubi Neck Warmer

The humble neck warmer is one of those items which you think about least but utilise most, especially through the winter months. We like the Pedal Ed Kubi for its versatility, comfort and durability - not to mention the nice subdued colour options available.

6. Trophy Wild Indoor Bike Racks

A delight to behold and also a very practical and efficient method for storing your beloved steed inside and in style, this is one of those great products that addresses a genuine need whilst also having a bit of fun.

7. Full Windsor Multi-Tools

Full Windsor was one of the first brands to re-imagine the multitool. Back when the majority of multitools were still the classic fold-out design, their mega tyre lever-cum-spanner-cum-toolbit driver really stood out because of the different experience it offered. Lighter, easier to use and with more leverage than many alternative multitools on the market, the Nutter and Breaker are still two of our favourite portable bike tool options. A classic innovative, great-looking Always Riding product which has stood the test of time.

8. Sportique Century Riding Cream

Prevention is better than cure! This chamois cream does the job and it does it well, smelling good in the process too.

9. Carradice Brompton Bags

Brompton do a pretty damn good job with their bikes and accessories, so it is a real compliment for a product to be described as better than the Brompton version! This is what some customers have said about the Carradice Brompton-specific bags, and we can see why. Great-looking, functional, durable and not too pricey either.

10. Portland Design Works Bottle Cages

Why shouldn’t something so functional also be beautiful? Quirky and elegant with an excellently firm grip, these well-designed beauties have been (almost literally) flying off our shelves for years.


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