When a Grand Tour comes up on the calendar, there is nothing that we like more than a bit of healthy competition in our Always Riding Velogames fantasy league. This year we thought we would open up the fun by creating a competition to win a £250 voucher to spend on the website.

All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is create an account on Velogames, choose your team, and add it to our league using League Code: 819608813. If you have already created a team them you simply need to add your existing team to our league. If you entered the Aways Riding Tour de France league (before this was sadly shut down earlier in the year) you should be automatically be entered into our Vuelta league when you pick a team for the Velogames Spain 2018 league.

The Directeur Sportif of the team with the highest race score at the end of the race will be given £250 (or equivalent amount in your chosen currency) to spend on our website!

To sign up, visit the Velogames website.

Enter your team into our league with the following code: 819608813

Track your progress each day on the League standings page.

The deadline for selecting your team is 17:00 CEST (Central European Summer Time) on Saturday 25th August.

I don't know what this is... How do you pick a team?

The concept is fairly easy to get your head around. All riders are ranked with a cost and you have up to 100 credits to spend. Some riders are more expensive than others, so you might have to mix and match in order to get your 9 riders under/on budget!

How does the scoring work?

There is a range of different ways your team can rack up the points: stage results, GC, sprints, climbs, final classification, plus a few others. We hope the people at Velogames have their calculators at the ready. There is more info on the scoring system on the Velogames site.

Anything else to consider?..

1. You don't get chance to update your team after the tour has started.
2. If you get nervous, you can edit your team up to when the deadline closes for signing up.
3. Get creative... we may give out additional prizes for team names!