Peñafiel, central Spain. September 15th, Stage 17 of the 2010 Vuelta Espana - the sole individual time trial of the race - is nearing its conclusion. Slovakian Peter Velits sits in the hot seat nervously waiting for the final five riders to finish. Earlier, he'd ridden the 46km route at a blistering average of 52km/h to record the fastest time, in the process beating hot favourite and TT world champion Fabian Cancellara. As the final riders, including Frank Schleck, Vincenzo Nibali and Joaquim Rodriguez arrive, Peter knows he's won a stage of the Vuelta, the first Slovakian ever to do so.

Fast forward to the present day, and Peter's performances (and worries) are of a different kind. Fabric wear, recycled polymers, chamois performance, biodegradable mailers and size runs are the order of the day. Peter is working alongside his twin Martin, as they did when riding for the same cycling teams from 2004-2013. Isadore, founded in 2013, has amassed a smidge over 150 different clothing lines and a devoted following across Europe and beyond. And so with a small selection available at Always Riding, we'd like to offer up some reasons why Isadore deserves your attention...

Isadore was founded by former riders (and twins) Martin and Peter Velits 

Before Peter Sagan's antics graced the WorldTour, Slovakian twins Martin and Peter Velits succeeded in reaching the highest echelons of a sport in which their country and little or no history. With the same determination they used to perform at the top of the sport, the Velits' have hewn Isadore into a progressive, innovative clothing company. It was even founded, when they were still riding at the top level of the sport.

Isadore Signature cycling jersey

After tens of thousands of kilometres on the bike, you'd imagine Martin and Peter know a thing or three about jerseys, bibs, socks and accessories. Indeed, Martin in his role as head of product is very closely involved with each garment that hits production. And what of that 2010 Vuelta? Well, Peter went on to secure a podium finish, another Slovakian first. He also wore the leader's red jersey for Stage 2 of the 2015 edition after he and his BMC teammates won the opening team time trial.

99% of Isadore cycling clothing is manufactured in the EU

Aha now here's something. Whilst some clothing manufacturers talk the talk, Isadore walks the walk. From day one, Isadore committed to local production and today, 59% of their products roll away from the sewing machines in Slovakia. It's so local that the factory Isadore work alongside is on the same street as their Puchov HQ. Other Isadore cycling clothing is produced in the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Portugal and Italy - a very small number of products are manufactured in the USA.

Isadore product creation

The production of popular Isadore products can be traced from raw material to finished product

On key products, like the Urban Reversible Jacket, Isadore has committed to telling us where our clothing comes from. From material origin to the country that mills those materials and finally the country of manufacture - it's all detailed for everyone to see. On the face of it, this might seem like something to bore riding friends with, but it's a small step that delivers accountability in what can be an unsustainable, polluting industry.

Isadore urban reversible jacket

Using Biodegradable bags

Isadore has never used plastic to package their products and since 2020 they've replaced a paper option with a fully biodegradable bag. At Always Riding we use recyclable mailers (not biodegradable) so Isadore should reach your door or desk with minimal impact. Of course, the shipping of products still attracts a CO2 impact, so together with partners, Isadore is looking for new and effective ways to reduce its CO2 footprint.

Treasure every garment. Isadore offer wear and tear or crash replacement service

Since their inception, Isadore has offered a wear and tear or crash replacement service. Hit them up via email and if a garment is fixable they'll do so free of charge. If the seam is busted, the hole too big or the fabric well and truly worn through, Isadore will offer a 50% discount on an exact replacement. You can find out more about this service on Isadore's website.

Isadore clothing factory

Isadore gravel bibshorts have material that shouldn't rip in the event of a fall

Ride gravel in whatever garb you wish, but its faster-than-MTB-but-still-crash-potential vibe does pose a few apparel problems. Enter the Isadore Gravel Bib Shorts with their ceramic coating on the thighs. The coating is made by Swiss bods Schoeller and gives the primary fabric extreme durability and abrasion resistance. The really sweet thing? It doesn't impact the comfort, breathability or care of the existing fabric. The honeycomb pattern looks tasty too, no?

Isadore gravel bib shorts

From the peloton and w/Kg to unpuckered fabrics and recycled polymers, that was six reasons to give Isadore a go. For more on the subject of sustainability, have a listen to the recent Rouleur tech podcast in which founders Martin and Peter talk at length about the business.  Shop all Isadore clothing here.