How do I make a purchase?

Browse the store, see something you like, give it the old click click, (joking, double clicking not required you double clickers of old!) and then follow the helpful prompts to add something to your bag and check out. We’ve made shopping at Always Riding a very easy and above all enjoyable magazine-editorial like experience, and we hope you like it as much as we do.

Do you support my browser?

Sure do - unless of course you love a bit of Internet Explorer 6 action, in which case, get downloading a modern (FREE) and standards compliant browser that will increase your online enjoyment enormously.

Can I pay with a paper airplane?

An admirable skill, but sadly no, not until PayPlane is invented anyway. What we do offer though is payment via Visa, Mastercard or American Express, plus of course Paypal.

Do I have to create an account when I check out?

We won’t hear of it! Actually we’d love you to create an account, because you can better check your order history, track shipments, get regular Rider Rewards & much more. However, if you just want to grab it & ride, then no account needed, and you will find guest checkout options available to you after the shopping bag page.

Can I browse & shop on my mobile?

We built Always Riding to work perfectly on your smartphone or at the other end of the spectrum, max-size on your smart tv. It’s as adaptable as a Brompton, except less heavy.

Snappy site, big corporation right?

Nope, it’s just us, a mere pannier full of Always Riding-ers and no-one else. We’re independent, beholden to no-one, and super committed to providing the best shopping experience bar none, which of course means absolutely never shipping your data off elsewhere, tracking you, or being all big business on your ass.

Give me 3 reasons why I should buy from you!

  • Our bidons are filled with rainbow dreams
  • By eating many biscuits, we are able to work harder, which is good for your orders
  • We ship a slice of parmesan with every order* (complete lie*)