Mission Workshop

Mission Workshop Cobra Buckle


The Cobra Buckle is made by Tirol based company AustriAlpen. They use all metal hardware and made within AustriaAlpen’s own facility. The original design for the Cobra Buckle came from a climbing background where safety is key. These buckles can take some serious strain without popping open.

Is a Cobra Buckle necessary for your Mission Workshop bag? I’m not sure we can say it is essential. I think necessary is a stretch. But these mighty fine pieces of Tirolian handiwork is a great compliment to the handiwork of the US bag making craftsmen.

Compatible bags are:

  • The Rambler
  • The Rambler Black Camo
  • The Vandal
  • The Vandal Black Camo
  • The Arkiv Modular Field Packs


    • Beautifully constructed clips that replace the standard plastic clips
    • All handmade in Tirol, Austria


    • Manufactured by AustriAlpen in, you guessed it, Austria